Condominium and Home Owner Information

There’s a condo community for every taste — whether you prefer a downtown high-rise, a loft-style condo or a small complex in a serene setting with amenities like swimming pools, club houses or play grounds. There’s a good chance your homeowners association takes care of a lot for you like gardening, parking and exterior maintenance. It all adds up to a lifestyle you enjoy.

Living in a condo is not only a different lifestyle from living in a traditional stand-alone home, it is a different kind of in-vestment that needs a different kind of protection. If something unexpected happens, do you know what are you responsible for? Who will cover your investment and your personal property in a loss? What if you are renting your condo to tenants? Let us show you coverage options that you can choose to fit your needs.

Here are some basic coverages that can help as you manage typical risks:

Loss of Use: If you can’t live in your condo while claim damage is repaired which could take days or months, Farmers has coverage options that could cover additional living expenses and help with the costs of temporary relocation when a covered event makes your condo uninhabitable.

Personal Property: Personal property coverage helps replace items when a loss damages your property like furniture, clothing and electronics, which will not be covered by your association’s policy.

Liability: Liability coverage can help you protect your assets against lawsuits that result from accidents that take place in your home.

Loss Assessment: Loss Assessment coverage can help provide protection for you if your association assesses the unit owners for a loss.

Improvement and Betterments: We have coverage options for improvements, alterations and additions to your condo up to 10 percent of the amount of your personal property coverage.

Landlord/Condos rented to others: We can help you understand your coverage options so that you may determine if you need additional or different coverage when you rent to tenants. Ask your agent about different liability and property coverage options.